Production of orthopaedic pillows

Production of orthopaedic pillows is carried out according to special orders, individual needs and desired technical specification. Advanced technological solutions help to adjust production both to mass and custom production needs, therefore we can easily deliver a large number of pillows in a short time.

Custom production

  • Production of pillows is carried out according to individual needs and desired technical specification;
  • You may choose the size, components, designs and other parameters of your pillows;
  • We are not limited to the standard dimensions of the products;

Production versatility

  • German production facilities ensure smooth and uninterrupted production processes;
  • Flexible adjustment to unplanned changes in production volumes;
  • Wide selection of production materials;
  • Professional consultation on production issues. We recommend components, colours, patterns, design variations and accessories;
  • Individual packaging of products for transportation according to the customer’s request.

Quality marks

We deliver quality and timely service to all our clients