28 years of experience in the production of sleep comfort products

Gergama is a bed and mattress manufacturing company, a company in the Lonas group of companies for 28 years. The company currently employs over 130 specialists in their fields. Gergama exclusively focuses on the production of mattresses and beds, therefore, the clearly defined area of its activities helps to consistently increase the scope of production and the level of expertise of its employees. It is a prerequisite for continuous development of the company and high quality of its products.

Long-term experience in the production of mattresses and beds allows for the execution of manufacturing projects of any complexity according to customised product specifications, scope of production and other needs.

Bed slats

If necessary, we offer bed slats according to your requirements. A diverse range of bed slats allows us to find a solution most suitable for the customer and all the while ensure proper use of the mattress, extending its service life.

Slats are universal and can be combined with beds from various manufacturers.

Decorative cushions

Our beds come with a variety of cushions.

Cushions can be made of the same fabric shade as the bed, therefore, we can offer a combined set with the bed if needed.

Bean bags

We make various colours of bean bags.

Bean bags are filled with foamed polystyrene granules to perfectly fit the sitting position and are of universal shape.

Folding poufs

We make folding poufs of various colours.

Our poufs are practical and can be folded into a compact rectangle shape when you need more free space in the room for sleeping.

Poufs are made of polyurethane foam.

Soft furniture pieces for children room

We make various shapes of furniture for children’s play rooms.

The parts are made of polyurethane foam, so children will never hurt themselves or each other. The washable cover for our furniture is made of artificial leather, with a zipper, to facilitate cleaning at any time.

Children's armchairs

If necessary, we offer children’s armchairs for children’s play areas.

Armchairs are soft, made of polyurethane foam and provide a safe environment for the child. Covers for armchairs have zippers.

Lovos viešbučiams

Ištobulintas gamybos valdymas, procesų stebėjimas ir nenutrūkstamas žaliavų tiekimas leidžia užtikrinti laiku vykdomus užsakymus ir nevėluojančius pristatymus.

Visą produkciją gaminame patys, vykdome kokybės kontrolę, todėl galime greitai reaguoti į pokyčius nekeičiant gamybos termino.

Mūsų gaminiai atitinka tarptautinius kokybės standartus ir yra sulaukę ne vieno svarbaus įvertinimo.

We deliver quality and timely service to all our clients