We will make a mattress and a bed for your peace of mind and the comfort of your customers

No matter whether you have a hotel, a guest house or a rural farmstead, we know that there are no two similar rooms, therefore, we always hear the customer and implement all of his visions and expectations. We will make a bed according to your design, offer a mattress corresponding to your needs and will ensure that your customers feel like at home in our beds. Like in their own bed.

The hotel interior, service and other criteria are very important for the customer to make an impression about the establishment, but a positive impression can change irreversibly just within one night. Therefore, we offer our 25 years of experience in design and manufacture of products to ensure comfort and good sleep of your customers.

Mattresses for hotels

Your visitors come to you with one purpose – to have a good sleep. Each of them has individual needs and expectations that you can meet in full, but many hotels simply forget different sleeping habits of their customers. A good sleep depends on many factors, and one of them is a good mattress. Properly selected materials in the mattress not only will ensure quiet and quality sleep of your customers but also allow them to feel well during the entire visit. We can help you create the recreation your customers deserve.

We have all the necessary production equipment, which can help us to offer the best solution for your establishment. We guarantee quality, if necessary we can use materials with non-combustion certificates. Being constantly in the vicinity and in control of our production processes, we can quickly and easily adapt to changing situations and find the best solutions using our production resources.

We manufacture according to individual needs and the customers’ technical specification of products. Advanced technological solutions help to adapt production to the needs of both mass and one-piece production, making it easy to manufacture large quantities of mattresses in a short time.
For your convenience, we offer not only standard sizes, but also products tailored to individual requests. Our specialists will advise and offer the best matching components that will ensure more comfortably sleep for your visitors.

Beds for hotels

The first thing your customers look at when entering the room, is the bed. Often, the bed occupies most of the room, therefore, it is important that it matches the style of the room and also creates a positive impression for your visitors. We offer an individual solution for your establishment by tailoring different bed types and fabrics to make your interiors look flawless.

We make all products at our factory along with the quality control, and are in a position to guarantee the perfect quality, ensuring best experience for your customers.

We make beds according to customised orders depending on individual needs and preferred technical specifications. Advanced technological solutions help to adapt production to the needs of both mass and one-piece production, making it easy to manufacture large quantities of beds in a short time.

Other products for hotels

We offer not only mattresses and beds but also a range of bedroom furniture: pedestals, poufs, cabinets, decorative cushions, night LED lamps at the bed, etc.

We offer furniture or cushions made of the same or different shades of fabric, thus preserving the stylistic integrity of the furniture.

We deliver quality and timely service to all our clients