Mass-production of mattresses

We manufacture mattresses according to special orders. We also can help to develop a special product line which is especially helpful to our business clients. Whether you sell furniture or own a hotel chain, we are happy to offer and develop exactly what you need for your business.

Types of mattresses we produce

Custom production

  • Production of mattresses is carried out according to individual needs and desired technical specification;
  • You may choose the size, components, designs and other parameters of your mattresses;
  • We are not limited to the standard dimensions of the products;
  • We use water-based adhesives that are harmless to the environment and health.

Production versatility

  • German production facilities ensure smooth and uninterrupted production processes;
  • Flexible adjustment to unplanned changes in production volumes;
  • Wide selection of production materials;
  • Professional consultation on production issues. We recommend components, colours, patterns, design variations and accessories;
  • Individual packaging of products for transportation according to the customer’s request.

Quality marks

We deliver quality and timely service to all our clients